I am trying to import my device data and get an error with the school ID.

This is almost always caused by opening the .csv file from which you intent to import in Excel. If you don’t import the .csv into Excel and declare the School ID field to be a text field, Excel will truncate or cut off the leading “0’s.” This will prevent the School ID from matching the ID’s […]

I have a rating of “6″ (Not Ready) in Network Readiness, yet I have plenty of bandwidth at my school. What’s going on?

A School Network Readiness Rating of 6 for a school that seems to have sufficient bandwidth for testing is almost always a sign that one or more of the Test Locations has insufficient Wireless Access Point (WAP) capacity to support the devices at that location that connect wirelessly. Check the Test Location List screen for […]

What are WAP Capacity and WAP Readiness?

One bottleneck that has occurred for many schools in states that were early adopters of computer-based testing was caused by overcrowding of wireless access points or WAPs. In NJTRAx, we look at wireless access point readiness at each location where testing will take place, even if that location is a laptop or cart. The capacity […]

How do I determine the percentage of IP Bandwidth in use in my school?

Determining the percentage of IP bandwidth available to your school can be tricky. Here are a few approaches labeled Bad, Good and Better. Bad. Guess. Good. If your district does not throttle or apportion bandwidth to schools, use the district percentage of use as the school percentage of use. Good. If you have a fixed […]

How do I determine the percentage of Internet Bandwidth that is used for normal, everyday traffic?

To begin, know that it is virtually impossible to perfectly calculate the level of use of IP bandwidth at any level. There are many factors that impact your use at any given time, some beyond your control. But even though IP bandwidth use is an estimate, we want to give the best estimate that we […]

How do I determine my Internet Bandwidth at the district level?

The short answer to this question is to ask your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Be sure to ask them for your minimum guaranteed bandwidth. Some cable companies, for example, will provide a contract for 20 Mbps (Megabits per second), but allow access to a bit more bandwidth if their network is quiet. Your estimate should […]