NJ Digital Learning & Assessment Portal

The New Jersey Department of Education has established this Portal to support New Jersey school districts’ Digital Readiness for Learning and Assessment. The Portal provides information on technology readiness for state testing in New Jersey LEAs and Test Sites as well as digital learning. This site will provide school districts with:

1) The most current information on State guidelines and updates
2) NJTRAx, the New Jersey Readiness Tool for Online Assessment and NJTRAx DL for Digital Learning

New 2021 Update: NJTRAx datasets will be used in the School Performance Reports and in reports on remote learning related to COVID-19. Several new descriptive fields have been added to the School Records and the Device Records about use during the pandemic. All districts and schools are asked to due the following updates by October 8, 2021.

a) Update your District records related to Internet access and infrastructure.
b) Update the records for each school including technical information, school access, and home access.
c) Update the Device records for each school, including the deletion of sets of devices no longer used, identifying which sets of devices are now being used for remote learning, and adding new sets of devices recently purchased.

Click below for a Quick Start Guide and How-To Videos and/or Slides
Quick Start Guide
Video 1 – NJTRAx Refresher or Slides
Video 2 – NJTRAx Refresher Updating Device Inventories or Slides
Note: The two videos above were recorded in 2020 and, while there is a new deadline in 2021, these videos are still very useful for learning how to update your records in NJTRAx.

3) A support ticket system that enables NJ district staff to request and receive technical assistance for online technology readiness.

First tier support: Mariano Buttitta, Mariano.Buttitta@doe.nj.gov
Second tier support: Jennifer Davila, support@metiri.com
Import/Export question: Cheryl Lemke, clemke@metiri.com

Learn more about the portal here… [pdf]