NJTRAx 2.0

njtrax2-logoThe New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE) established NJTRAx to gauge the technology readiness of New Jersey schools and districts for online testing as well as provide a digital learning tool.

The NJTRAx technology readiness database is designed to collect and store the datasets that inform readiness ratings. These ratings are published in reports that are customized for each school, district, region, and for the state. NJTRAx has been revised to reflect the single administration for the Spring Assessments as well as for the possibility of field test units. Districts should keep the data in NJTRAx up to date so that the data reflects the present reality of the district.

To assist districts with developing digital learning environments, new digital learning surveys and reporting capabilities have been added to the NJTRAx interactive technology readiness data and reporting system. Districts and schools will now have the ability to track and strategically plan for digital learning policies and practices. The launch of NJTRAx Digital Learning (DL) is part of the Office of Educational Technology’s long-term Digital Learning Initiative (DLI) to support digital learning in New Jersey districts and schools.

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NJTRAx Digital Learning (DL)

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NJTRAx Technology Readiness

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