Professional Development

>> View the Introduction to the Standard 8 Assessment Toolkit (S8AT) webinar on October 13, 2016.  See link to GOTOWEBINAR recording: S8AT introduction webinar

NJSBA & NJDOE-Office of Educational Technology Workshop Resources

Google doc name:  NJSBA Future Ready-060716 or

NJSBA 2016 Future Ready Schools-NJ-6-7-16 HANDOUT

NJSBA 2016 Future Ready Schools-NJ 5-24 POSTED

NJ Resources – Symbaloo

Future Ready Schools-national-Dashboard

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Policy Handout

Additional Future Ready Resources:  

Twelve Tips for Connecting with K

As each online resource is released, a train-the-trainer session and/or wrap-around materials (e.g. slide presentation, facilitator guide, etc.) will be provided to ensure optimal use of the resource. Training sessions conducted on the web are also archived. This collection of materials and videos will expand in late fall 2013/early winter 2014.

>> View the NJTRAx Webinar (Fall 2014): Dual Scoring, Sandbox, & DLM Designation 

This webinar introduces NJTRAx users to three new features: Dual PARCC Scoring, Sandbox Modeling, and DLM Designation.

>>View the October 2015 Introduction to NJTRAx Webinar  NEW

>> View the NJTRAx Interactive Reporting Technical Assistance Session

Check back here to view new materials as they become available.