What are the different user roles in NJTRAx?

Users can be created and associated with organizations at any of these two levels of NJTRAx, District and School. In this hierarchy, assigning a user to an organization at any level automatically gives them access to the level or levels below. For example, creating a user and assigning them as a District level user gives […]

How do I create a new user?

To create a new user simply go to your user list in the Data Editor using the User menu at the top left. Click the “Add new” button at top right of the User List Complete the user record. The top portion of the record is fairly straightforward. Enter the username, email, password, etc.   […]

I am getting an error when I try to login to NJTRAx. What can I do?

As with most Web-based database applications, different browsers may interpret the code behind the application differently. If you are having problems logging in to NJTRAx other than “bad credentials” or forgotten passwords (see the FAQ’s for these), try a different browser. The only browser that seems to display erratic behavior in NJTRAx is Internet Explorer. The […]

I get a message that says I have “bad credentials.” What should I do?

A “bad credentials” error occurs when the username or password that you have entered cannot be found in the user database. Check to see that you have entered each properly. If your username is incorrect, contact the “Master User” in your district to verify the username. If you are the Master User, contact NJTRAx technical […]

How do I get an account for NJTRAx?

Users who have access to the PARCC TRT were given accounts in NJTRAx. The PARCC Coordinator and PARCC IT Contact person identified in the County-District-School (CDS) application on Homeroom (http://homeroom.state.nj.us/) were also given accounts. Please contact one of these people for access to NJTRAx. If you are one of these people and you did not […]

How do I get started?

When accessing NJTRAx, we recommend that you always begin at https://njdigitallearning.org. This will take you to the NJ Digital Learning and Assessment Portal. By accessing NJTRAx through this portal, you will stay up to date with important new developments posted on the site. On the portal, you will find links to NJTRAx and to resources […]

What is NJTRAx?

NJTRAx is an interactive database developed to assist New Jersey districts and schools in assessing their technology readiness for online assessments as well as for digital learning.