I am hitting the Update or Data Entry Cycle Complete button and the record won’t save. What is going on?

The main reason that users can’t save records with Update or Data Entry Cycle complete is that required fields, marked with an asterisk, are missing. NJTRAx does have an alert system that puts up a message pointing at the missing field (a common missing field is the field “Internal Network Utilization”), but the alert system […]

Why can’t I delete a location record?

Device records are attached to a location record. In relational database language, since multiple devices can be attached to a single location, the location record is considered a “parent” to the device record “child.” Well-designed relational databases don’t allow “orphan” records. To delete a location, first create a new location where you can move the […]

I imported my devices from an inventory file and there is one device per record. Is there any way to combine similar devices at the same location?

Yes. At the bottom left of the Device List screen you will see a dropdown menu that defaults to “Cluster.” The Cluster function allows you to check multiple devices that have all of the same device characteristics and then click, “OK.” NJTRAx will ask you to confirm, and then combine all of the selected devices […]

How do I find the device characteristics for my computers or tablets?

In the Device section of the NJTRAx Quick Start Guide you will find complete instructions for locating the device specifications for multiple computer and tablet platforms.

What does it mean if, in the device list, one of the device characteristics is displayed in red?

A device characteristic displayed in red does not meet New Jersey specifications for online testing.

I am trying to import my device data and get an error with the school ID.

This is almost always caused by opening the .csv file from which you intent to import in Excel. If you don’t import the .csv into Excel and declare the School ID field to be a text field, Excel will truncate or cut off the leading “0’s.” This will prevent the School ID from matching the ID’s […]

What can I do if a device characteristic for one of my computers or tablets is not available in the NJTRAx list?

We try to ensure that new device characteristics are added when available, but there are so many makes and models available that a characteristic can slip past us. First, check the technical specifications of your device to ensure that it is correct. If so, use the contact form on NJTRAx.org to send us the device […]

What’s the most efficient way to edit my NJTRAx data?

The most efficient way to edit your data is to complete edits in the same order as in the NJTRAx Data menu illustrated below. Start at the highest level of data, the district record, then move to your schools, etc. You will also need to review and update school enrollment by first adding a grade […]

What is a Test Sitting?

A Test Sitting refers to a period of time when a student is completing an online assessment session. For the PARCC Performance Based Assessments, the English/Language Arts Assessment requires three sittings and the Mathematics Assessment requires two sittings for a total of five sittings per student.

\What is a Testing Session?

The Testing Sessions are the total number of periods per day that devices and locations can be dedicated to testing. The number of testing sessions is hard-coded per PARCC recommendations to 2.